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Boucles d'oreilles  graine de vie

Opale Noire is a sales shop specializing in handmade jewelry and accessories.

Founder and director, Clothilde is the creator of Opal Noire.
Art lover since her earliest age and particularly fond of sacred geometry, which she chose to decline in different aspects. Being in an art school, passionate about fashion, she shares her world.


Bold and bright, all our collections of Opal Noire jewelry are created in-house, from initial ideas to finished products. The jewels are designed and manufactured by an experienced and innovative designer and his team. Many pieces are available in limited numbers to ensure the exclusivity of each collection. We use sustainable, natural and locally sourced materials where possible to create our products using a combination of traditional methods and modern technologies.


Black Opal jewelry is handmade using sustainable materials (the majority of which come from local sources) with a fair working environment ensured for everyone involved, including the companies we work with. This ethic is not used as a gimmick but rooted in the day-to-day running of the company.

Customers always satisfied

Opale Noire began its international expansion process on the basis of its growth in France and the warm welcome it received there.

Long-term goals

Our goal is to bring Black Opal to new markets where we can talk to people about our products and our craze for fashion and the latest jewelry trends.

Freedom and authenticity

Through his creations, Opal Noire represents authenticity, evolution, transformation, transgression and freedom. It goes beyond excellence in the tradition of jewellery, providing all women with quality esoteric jewelry.

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